GOOD WOMEN is now accepting applications for volunteers who would like to participate in our 2017 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA HUMAN TRAFFICKING POSTING DAYS.    If you are interested in participating in a community POST to distribute our human trafficking awareness poster to businesses, please sign up here and download our VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM.

NEED A HUMAN TRAFFICKING INFORMATIONAL POSTER FOR YOUR BUSINESS, SCHOOL, YOUTH GROUP FACILITY OR COMMUNITY PROJECT?      Check out our three poster options on our RESOURCES page.  Register to receive a download of the poster of your choice.   Awareness through POSTING will help to end human trafficking!


Human Trafficking Public Awareness Poster Campaign

Beginning in 2015, Good Women is focusing on awareness and education with its current project, The GWI Poster Campaign. This effort will unite and mobilize communities to reach out to their local businesses and inform them about Human Trafficking and the need for posting an awareness poster under California Senate Bill 1193/Civil Code 52.6.

According to this Bill, certain mandated businesses must display a legally compliant, and readily visible poster in a conspicuous location. The purpose of this poster is to raise awareness about victims of human trafficking and prevent future victims, and contains important contact information in various languages.

Businesses such as bars, adult or sexually oriented businesses, emergency rooms, massage parlors, and many other establishments that are likely to come in contact with traffickers or their victims, will be included in this campaign.

read more about Bill No. 1193/Civil Code 52.6  here

Click here to register and receive a download for one of our new Human Trafficking Awareness Posters.


Employer Handbook

The International Labor Organization has published a handbook providing guidance to employers and businesses to strengthen their capacity to address the risk of labor trafficking. You can access the publication here.


The A21 Campaign Update

In 2014, Good Women International helped to fund a curricula to educate our youth about human trafficking. This interactive, core-integrative curricula, produced by A21, has now been introduced into high school classrooms and organizations across the United States, empowering thousands of our youth and adults to fight human trafficking with their knowledge.

The curricula, entitled “Bodies Are Not Commodities“, is now available digitally online here and will soon be available in the Spanish version.


A21 Campaign Update

Since Good Women’s support began in the funding and circulation of the A-21 curricula, several hundred high schools have accessed and adopted the use of these materials. Additionally, thousands of youth groups, universities and organizations are utilizing it to educate themselves and continually promote awareness about Human Trafficking. These numbers continue to grow daily with positive feedback.
“It connects students to issues in their community and helps them stay safe.”

Michelle, South Lake High School
“My students in AP Human Geography and Current Events are always engaged.”

Rebekah, The Linsly School
“This topic can serve as a global entry point to the US History of slavery and can help engage them in history and modern-day action. Also, the graphic design is stunning.”

Kara, St. Paul Preparatory School
Good Women is continuing its efforts to assure that every school and young teen program in this country will have knowledge and access to this life-saving tool. Please show your support and help us to continue to promote this valuable curriculum.

Please support Anti-Trafficking, by downloading and displaying the Good Women Blue Ribbon on your website or social media site.  Click here to download it

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