Village Care International

As a member of the Village Care International family, we retain our 501c3 status which allows us to do our important work, and provides our donors with a tax deductible donation.



A21, a planet wide anti-trafficking organization created the school curricula “Bodies are not Commodities”, and works diligently in all areas to eliminate human trafficking.


The Change

The Change is an on-going series of powerful thought-provoking insights and each book is a collaborative work of inspiring co-authors from around the world. Each book takes you that on a journey of self-discovery and personal change that touches every area of your life.

The Change organization contributes ALL of its proceeds from their books to Good Women International projects. Purchase your copy to be part of The Change !


Rescue & Restore Coalition

Good Women supports the California Poster Project and has teamed up with “Rescue & Restore Coalition” an anti-trafficking outreach company located in Sacramento, CA.


Rhythms Fitness

Located in Grass Valley, CA, Rhythms Fitness and it’s members donate monies monthly for the continued support of Good Women’s projects.

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